Becoming a living sacrifice: practical tips


  1. Decide to start again and become a living sacrifice, today. Surrender everything. Be willing to let God change your life how He wants to, and see how God gives you better than you could have ever given yourself.
  2. Get to know God, deepen your love for Him, then serve Him. As Christians we love God because He loved us first. Develop an understanding of the love of God by studying the Good News of Jesus Christ in the Bible. Perhaps study (one of) the 4 gospel books of the Bible; which are Matthew, Mark, Luke and John; in order to truly understand what Jesus Christ accomplished for us, through His life, death and resurrection. Then also consider studying Romans to understand the grace of God, given to us through Jesus; and study Acts to see the boldness and conviction of the disciples and apostles in their service to God!
  3. Grow closer to God through daily prayer, worship and quiet time with God; and always be available for God to speak to you, guide you and use you for His glory, in His way and in His timing!
  4. Have an aim. Don’t just start again and see where the journey takes you. Start again with the aim of forever being a living sacrifice for the Lord and worshipping God with your whole life. Start again with the aim of seeing the world glorify God, through God using you as a vessel. Yes, through YOU becoming an effective, useable and honourable member of the body of Christ; through the spirit of God living in you!
  5. Strive for people to see God in you, by being a consistent witness of Christ. But how? By living a life in alignment with all that the Word says, through letting the Holy Spirit purify your soul, lead you and strengthen your spirit to overcome the flesh. Continuously pray for a fresh encounter with the Holy Spirit. Pray for your dry bones live again! (Ezekiel 37: 1-14)
  6. When you fall, get back up. Ask for forgiveness, ask for strength, let go of guilt and shame; then continue finishing the task and race that God commanded you to start, through the grace of our loving Lord!
  7. Surround yourself with Christian accountability. I encourage you to find a Christian mentor such as a youth leader/ minister/ pastor, and to find people you can confide in and trust to support your walk and constantly point you back to Jesus! Regarding this, it is very very important that you pray for God to lead you to the right people!

If you want me to add you to my prayer list, want me to call you and personally pray for/with you or want me to be your Christian accountability, please let me know! I am open and available always, and everything you share with me will remain confidential! My email: My Instagram: tishana.n

Please share this post with anybody you know that would benefit from this encouragement to completely surrender everything to God, that Jesus Christ may truly be glorified with their whole life. Together, let us work hard to see the body of Christ edified, on fire, and furthering God’s Kingdom all over the world!

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