Called to be a living sacrifice



Therefore, I urge you, brothers and sisters, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God – this is your true and proper worship.’ Romans 12:1 (NIV)

The Body of Christ needs us Christians to actually be on fire for God. We cannot continue being lazy and complacent. We cannot keep ‘going with the flow’ and hoping that one day we suddenly live for God. It’s a choice we must take now. The Body of Christ now needs to act and live a life that worships the Father! God’s heart yearns to see His children seeking Him, submitting to Him and becoming honourable vessels He can be glorified through, so that many more people may be saved and be set free by truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ! God truly deserves to use our whole life to glorify His name! We have work to do to further the Kingdom, we have a war against Satan to fight and a purpose the world needs! God destined to use us, but we let ourselves get in the way because we refuse to completely and consistently surrender everything to God. Thankfully, we will always serve a graceful and merciful God, who has loved us with an everlasting love and rejoices when a lost child comes home to abide in Him and be used by Him once again! There is nothing wrong with recognising that you need to surrender absolutely everything to God, all over again! Why not start again with our Father now?   

Trust me, saying yes to God is the BEST decision you could ever make. Regardless of the life you are currently living, you will never know what you could do for the Kingdom and how different your life could be, until you let God have His way in you completely!  

We all have a God-given purpose, a divine one only YOU can fulfil. Whether or not you fulfil your purpose doesn’t just affect you, but it affects the entire Body of Christ. You not walking into your purpose stops those who need to encounter the Holy Spirit and meet with Jesus through you, from submitting to God too. Imagine if the person that evangelised to you, the person who ran the church camp you were saved at, the Pastor who counselled you through your brokenness until you finally believed there was hope in Jesus Christ; imagine if that person never walked into their God-given purpose. Imagine if they ignored God’s calling to start a church, to evangelise that very day, to start a church camp…who would you be? Would you even be saved? Now imagine how many people don’t know Christ, because you have not yet decided to really surrender your life to Christ. Whether or not you are struggling to surrender to Christ because of fear, the love of the flesh, a lack of conviction, insecurity or inadequacy, whatever it may be, the truth is that the strength you need to let everything go, is found in first deciding to surrender to God and let Him have His way in you.

Your calling and purpose in the Body of Christ are not about you, it is about seeing the Lord glorified among all nations. The salvation of nations and transformation of their hearts in the Lord, is truly dependant on your complete surrender to Jesus Christ!

In the book of Esther, set in 483-473 BC, Esther became queen of Persia (due to keeping her real identity as a Jew a secret, for her safety). However, when it now came to pass that the king’s Kingdom were planning a mass persecution of the Jews, she had to decide whether or not to keep her identity secret and ignore the plight of her people, or to expose her true identity and possibly die due to approaching the king with her request of saving her people (context: protocol meant that if you approached the king without being summoned by him, he either accepted your unexpected visit, or killed you). Esther ended up finding favour with the king, and so through exposing her true identity to the king and exposing the wicked plan of the king’s jealous subordinate, Haman (who had organised the persecution of the Jews), she was able to save her entire nation.

However, if she ignored the plight of her people, if she did not use her role as queen to try and persuade the king to spare her people in that very moment, ALL of her people would surely have died. Just like that, whether or not you take up your God-given assignment and your calling, truly does change the course of someone’s life. You may not be queen Esther in a royal palace that rules over a nation, but there are people around you that need to see God move through you, in order for them to be saved, encouraged and convicted to also submit to God and become a kingdom labourer.

“But I’ve been lukewarm for so long. I’ve indulged in sin and selfish pleasures for so long. Can I really come back to God? Can God still use me?” YES & YES. Because of the grace of God that is sufficient for all of our weaknesses and mistakes, you can always start again with God. The Bible even has examples of those who used to even persecute Christians, becoming bold preachers of the Good News of Jesus Christ themselves, such as Saul in Acts 9, who once persecuted and authorised the execution of Christians, but then encountered God, repented and joined the disciples to preach the Gospel!

Simply come back to God, ask Him to have His way in you and surrender everything at God’s throne of grace. Let God work on your heart, purify you, and transform you into the person you were destined to be; let God lay on your heart the beautiful things that He has divinely called YOU to do. Whether or not others think you are worthy of coming back to God doesn’t matter, because regardless of how deep into the world you think you have gone, God is constantly calling you back home to Him; and our God restores, purifies and transforms ALL (Read about Saul’s wonderful transformation in Acts 9:1-22!). Right now reading this blog, there are potential Christian preachers; teachers; pastors and ministers; mentors; activists; worshippers; prophets; evangelists; missionaries; philanthropists; fellowship founders; youth club leaders and helpers…the list goes on! Imagine the lives God could be impacting and changing through you! But God can only reveal to you your calling and lead you to it, through your decision to surrender.

Remember, surrendering to Christ and living for Him isn’t easy. Leaving the world behind and choosing your spirit over your flesh daily isn’t easy. But the fight against your flesh and the temptations of the world daily, so that you will be an effective witness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, is worth it. The struggles you may experience physically, mentally and emotionally, for God to be glorified through your healing and restoration, are worth it. Please trust that God will be your strength in order for you to do things for His Kingdom that in your own might you cannot do (Zechariah 4:6). The Bible says that we must share in Christ’s persecution in order to share in His glory! (Romans 8:17); and the absolute truth is that it is an honour to be persecuted for the sake of the Gospel!  It is a privilege to co-labour with Christ, not a burden! And whatever God takes away in order for you to grow in Him, trust that He will give back to you with better and with more than you could ever imagine (Job 42:10). Please, decide today to seek the Kingdom first above all things, as the eternal destinations of those around us are at stake. Your life is not about you.

The world needs God, and as God has made a commitment to only work through His children, the world needs you! Therefore I encourage you to please, completely surrender your life to God, and start again with Him today.

For practical steps on how to surrender to Jesus Christ, read my blog post ‘Becoming a living sacrifice: practical tips’ here:

If you want me to add you to my prayer list, want me to call you and personally pray for/with you or want me to be your Christian accountability, please let me know! I am open and available always, and everything you share with me will remain confidential! My email: My Instagram: tishana.n

Please share this post with anybody you know that would benefit from this encouragement to completely surrender everything to God, that Jesus Christ may truly be glorified with their whole life. Together, let us work hard to see the body of Christ edified, on fire, and furthering God’s Kingdom all over the world!

‘However, I consider my life worth nothing to me; my only aim is to finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me – the task of testifying to the good news of God’s grace.’ Acts 20:24 (NIV)   

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