When God breaks you to heal you


‘For he wounds, but he binds up; he shatters, but his hands heal.’ Job 5:18 (ESV)

Welcome back to Breakthrough with T! It really has been a while since I last posted a blog post, and that is because of the spiritually chaotic seasons I have been in since the end of last year. In this blog post, I am going to be discussing one of my recent experiences with brokenness, and how God truly does break you to mould you, unlike the enemy who attempts to break you in order to destroy you. I want to begin by praising and glorifying the Lord! As despite how spiritually difficult the past 4 months have been, God really has healed me, moulded me and refined me for my good, through brokenness. The fact I am still here, firm in my faith and stronger spiritually than before, is only by God’s grace! I praise you Father, as regardless of what I am going through, I know you will never leave my side and that you will never stop keeping and preserving me. This blog post will explain: Why you can’t deny your brokenness; why you must heal; how to heal; and the power of prophesying the Word of the Lord over your life!

Burying your pain, does not mean you are healed

I want to begin by addressing the season I was in from November – late December. One thing I have truly learnt from the Lord is you can’t heal from you what you don’t address. So as peaceful and as comfortable as denying your inner hidden brokenness may feel sometimes, it doesn’t negate the fact you are broken and it doesn’t negate the fact that you aren’t yet submitting your brokenness to Christ. Being numb to the true reality of your brokenness truly does not mean you are whole; and when you refuse to face your brokenness, it catches up with you. Wow, did I realise this the hard way, when out of nowhere God made me face the brokenness I had buried and ignored for many years.

If you don’t heal, you will die in your brokenness

How did this new season of brokenness come again, despite me having felt so whole just a few months before? James Aladiran’s powerful sermon is the answer. James Aladiran is an evangelist for prayer, who leads a powerful ministry called Prayer storm (https://prayerstorm.org/). His sermon taught from Genesis 11, focusing on Terah who was the father of Abraham. In Genesis 11, Terah’s son Haran died earlier on in the chapter. When Terah and the rest of his family were now on their way to Canaan (The Promise land), they came across a place called Haran, the same name as Terah’s dead son. Instead of continuing on, they stayed there, and Terah died there. Like Abraham’s father Terah, we often get stuck in our brokenness, or even in the memories of our brokenness, and even die there; whilst we are trying to journey to the promise God has called us to journey towards. Honestly, I don’t even know what happened that day. But something inside of me broke, as did inside of many other people in the church who were also deeply crying. The Holy Spirit truly moved and released deep healing into the atmosphere. But wow would I realise how much healing hurts.

In light of James’ teaching, it is important to heal so that you don’t stay in and die in your brokenness. So that you don’t allow generational curses to continue. So that the enemy can no longer live in the stronghold of your brokenness and dominate over you, and thus stop you from growing deeper in Christ. So that others can be made free from brokenness, through your testimony of healing in the Lord. So that God can unleash His purpose for you into your life. God can’t build on you if you remain the same broken foundation. God can’t put you on a platform in, for example ministry, if you will only ever preach out of your brokenness, instead of preaching solely led by the Holy Spirit. To become who God called you to be and to become an effective vessel for the Father’s glory, you must heal. (Please watch the sermon! It will surely bless you. Link: https://subsplash.com/coventryelim/media/mi/+fv92vwn)

Healing hurts

So, why did God have to break me again? Because I had to heal to move forward; and what I wasn’t going to decide to do for my own good, God made me do. As I have given God sovereignty over my life, having submitted my life to the lordship of Jesus, God was able to make me face my brokenness. God suddenly uprooted and revealed to me the pain; insecurity; unforgiveness; bitterness; and anger still in my heart regarding past issues and wow, did it hurt like never before.

First I was angry with God and I stopped talking to Him for some days. I sat on my bed, heartbroken and weeping, even telling God that I don’t want to do this ‘Christian thing’ anymore if all it is going to consist of is pain and a continuously hurting heart. This was just a short tantrum though, and eventually I continued again in my tearful emotional prayers, asking God to speak to me, help me and heal me. It felt like God had abandoned me and wasn’t responding to my prayers. But in my anger and frustration, I couldn’t learn what God was trying to do. So after a week or so of feeling sorry for myself and only crying and complaining in prayer, I decided to man up, let go of my emotions, and ask God what He was trying to do through my pain, why He wasn’t really speaking to me and what He wanted me to do.

The sword of the Spirit: The Word of God

God told me that He wanted me to believe in the power of the scripture and really see that the Word of God is His spoken word, that all the answers I needed were in scripture. That was the only answer God gave me. For weeks God said nothing much to me at all, and I struggled not to feel sad, frustrated and abandoned. But what did this lead me to eventually do? Eventually I decided to use the only weapon I had, the Bible. The Word of God. So every morning for over a month, for perhaps at least an hour a day, I declared the Word of God over my life. There is miraculous power in the Word of God. All scripture is breathed out by God Himself! The Word is the sword of the spirit (Ephesians 6:17). The Word is alive and active, sharper than any double-edged sword. (Hebrews 4:12). The Word breathes life into dead situations. Yet how did God lead me to truly realise this? He had to stop speaking to me and He had to stop entertaining my emotion-led prayer points. Did it hurt at the time? Yes, it hurt like never before. But God loves us so much that He disciplines us and does what may momentarily hurt us, in order to push us to grow (Hebrews 12:6; Job 5:17).

Yes, it is okay to cry in prayer and really let God know how saddened you are. God truly does see your cries to Him as a prayer that He will answer (Psalm 18:6; Psalm 31:22). But declaring God’s unchanging Word over your situations, is how true transformation and revival occurs. Now, I find it hard to pray without the Word of God supporting my prayer point. The Bible even says that we should present a case to God (Isaiah 41:21), and so pairing your prayer point with God’s Word, is a powerful way to present your case to the Lord. This has strengthened my prayer life and prepared me for the battles I would soon be having against the enemy – where I would need to fight Satan with the Word and would need to hold on to God’s truth, in the face of Satan and His lying spirits – but the spirit realm is a deeper conversation for the near future.

Prophesy death into life!

When you are facing seasons of brokenness, how long will you cry and moan for in your prayers? How long will you wallow in sorrow? How long will you spend all of your prayers complaining, doubting God and asking Him ‘why me?’. Instead, get up! Rise up and declare God’s word over your situations. My favourite passage to declare over broken areas of my life that God wants to restore and transform, is Ezekiel 37:1-10. In Ezekiel 37, in a vision, God places Ezekiel in a valley full of dry bones. God commanded Ezekiel to prophesy life and breath into these dry bones, and as Ezekiel did this, the dry bones came together with God’s breath to form living people again! Imagine then, how much power you are releasing over brokenness and dead situations, when you prophesy life and God’s breath over them?

So, Yes Lord, I do believe that all of these dry bones around me will rise and will receive Your breath of life, in Jesus’ name! God showed me that you must choose to declare and prophesy scriptures of wholeness, healing, revival, life and light over your situations! He showed me that in faith, you must currently see the wholeness you are declaring over your broken situations. In the midst of brokenness, you must still have faith beyond the brokenness that you do see! In the midst of brokenness, you must still carry yourself as if you’ve already received all the promises God has for you, and not according to the present brokenness in your life. God breaks to bind, heal, mould and refine you. It is the enemy who breaks to destroy. In your brokenness, once you have prayed and God has made it clear that it was Him that allowed you to be broken, rest in the fact God is breaking you to transform you. That He is breaking you to heal you, restore you and free you from chains and bondages.

Now, I feel so much more free!! I am no longer bound by so many chains and bondages of the past! Yes, I am still facing from some issues and not every area of my heart is healed; but I now have a greater understanding of how to heal, what to pray and how to maintain my trust, strength, peace and joy in the Lord, when the healing hurts.

I pray that you now take the step to pray for revelation as to what pain and brokenness you have buried for so long, that now needs to be uprooted to allow you to heal in the Lord, in Jesus name!

Practical tips for overcoming seasons of brokenness:

  • Never stop giving thanks to the Lord and praising Him for all that He is and all that He has done. The enemy wants your pain to stop you from showing God gratitude. So everyday, enter into the Lord’s gates with thanksgiving (Psalm 100:4).
  • Forgive those who broke you! Your freedom will come by releasing and letting go of the anger and bitterness you have towards them.
  • Pray for protection against the enemy and pray the full armour of God over yourself continuously! (Ephesians 6:13-17). As you are spiritually vulnerable when you are broken and in the process of healing.
  • Pray with scripture and prophesy them over your situations.
  • Don’t deny, ignore your pain and try to bury it again. Acknowledge your pain and present it to God in prayer, for healing and freedom!
  • Don’t deal with your new season of brokenness the way you dealt with your old one. Every season of brokenness is for a different purpose, and so they require different methods of healing, different scriptures and different prayers. Ask the Holy Spirit to completely lead your healing process!
  • Remember that barren seasons teach you how to walk by faith, and not by sight.
  • Remember that when you reach rock bottom, it allows you to experience God as your eternal rock!
  • Never identify yourself as broken. Declare now that you are whole, in Jesus name!
  • In the midst of brokenness, still choose to have joy, peace and hope in the Lord Jesus Christ! Declare such scriptures over your heart!
  • Don’t give up. One day you will wake up and your heart won’t hurt anymore, even if it takes months. Years of brokenness is not healed overnight. Regardless of how long it takes, trust that God will heal you.

Your heartbreak.  Your family breakdown. Your past abuse. Your rejection and abandonment issues that stem from a variety of situations in your life. Your insecurities. I pray that God will strengthen you to accept your pain, to confront it, to bring it all into God’s presence and allow Him to heal you, free you and make you whole; even if at first it hurts.

I am surely praying for you all! Everyone’s brokenness and process of healing is so different, so If you would like more personal advice, email me at breakthroughwithT@outlook.com, so that I can advise you and pray for you! God bless you!

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